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  1. I think the notion of free fittings is good, but the bottom line is working with a fitter who has the expertise to maximize a customer's ability thru properly fit equipment. The reality is that finding a quality fitter (free or not) is not an easy/simple proposition. Skill/experience is one variable, but things like access to product (shafts, heads, grips) across a variety of brands and quality data (accurate trackman, GCQuad readings) are also important. The idea of paying a fee (in theory) increases the likelihood of working with a quality fitter. Obviously the value of that is up to the customer. In regards to consumers being adverse to getting fit, cost could be one factor as well as feeling they're not "good enough" to get enough value. But another factor is not wanting to hear about they're faults/imperfections. This is the reason people don't go to the doctor or dentist. It's the insecurity of feeling judged or the perception of being criticized. This isn't unique to golf. One other thing that Ryan sort of addressed is the notion that free fittings attract "tire kickers" or people only interested in using the fitting information to find the proper equipment online or elsewhere. Asking a fitter to "giveaway" their expertise is likely demoralizing, not to mention not good for business.
  2. Ed - Portland, OR 98 mph Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero 10.5 AV Tensei Blue 65 stiff Played Modus 105 stiff in the past
  3. Ed / Portland, OR iPhone XS Testing Outdoors No Net
  4. Ed / Portland, OR Size 11 (I love the Black/Gray & Black/Red colorways of the Sqairz) Nike TW '14, Footjoy Freestyle, Adidas Adipower Boost 3 I'm a walker in the Pacific NW, so comfort and waterproofing are the most important features.
  5. Edward / Portland, OR Yes, RH Would like to test 3 wood, stiff flex. (I'm in the market for a new 3 wood) 2nd choice would be hybrid, stiff flex. Handicap = 3.7 Currently play 2 hybrids (20 deg & 24 deg). Longest iron is a 6.
  6. Edward Portland, OR Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero 10.5 3.8 98 mph TSi2
  7. First Name/City State - Ed / Portland, OR Handicap - 4.2 Current Model Wedges Played - TM Hi Toe 58 ATV & S-Yard Bold 52 (both +1" and 1 deg upright) What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge - I like the reduced glare and the "worn-in" look after a few rounds. Makes it look like a trusty tool ready to do some work.
  8. First Name and Location Ed - Portland, OR How do you keep your putting sharp through the winter? Use a "standard" roll up putting mat in my basement and try to play/practice as much as time/weather allows. Current/Past Experience with putting mats My putting mat is useful (better to do something than nothing), but it's getting a little worn from use by myself and my cat. I made very good use of the mat when trying to rid myself of the yips a few years ago. Go to www.birdieball.com and tell us which speed green you'd want to test Definitely the SLOW version with holes on opposite ends for down/into grain putts. Only get to play on fast greens in the PNW a handful of times per year.
  9. Ed - Portland, OR USA Current Putter - Bettinardi BB55 counterbalanced Interested in the Ping Heppler Tomcat: Ever since my initial battle with the yips several years ago, I've preferred the high MOI/forgiveness of the mallets. I need all the help I can get. I really like the aesthetics of the Heppler line as well as the adjustable length. Would love to give it a try and provide a review. Thanks for the opportunity.
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