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  1. I love the DTC brands (Snell, Vice, OnCore) as well as the MaxFli Tour. Try also Lostgolfballs.com - go with the 5A and they are essentially new. There is always an extra 10% and if you spend enough, free shipping. They are great about returns if you are not satisfied with the quality, which unfortunately, I have been. But it hasn't been a problem so far.
  2. Great idea for thread - thanks for starting! I tend to hit the ball a little low and while I am always looking for driver yards, I want to try to find a sweet spot of higher launch/ more driver carry/ lower compression (I know Tony would not like me for saying that last bit). As an example, I really enjoy the feel of the prior gen TP5 (USA Pix), the prior gen AVX, and the OnCore Elixir. I have also enjoyed testing the Snell MTB-X and Black and the 2019 Maxfli Tour. I have kicked out the ProV1x, left dash, all Bridgestone models, Kirkland Signature (even though I love Costco!), and TP5x. As a mid-swing speed player, I will investigate this year's results as follows: the new TP5, the Snell MTB Black, ProV1, AVX, Maxfli Tour, and Vice Pro since those are suggestions from the MGS team for balls in the 80's compression range. The Maxfli and Vice Pro had relatively higher launching numbers and had some of the best carry distances for the compression range I prefer. And I agree - this is my favorite report that the team does. I know they don't like to do it, so perhaps they should run a contest and if forum members would be willing to pay their way out to the testing site, perhaps MSG foots the hotel and food bill for a bunch of members to help out over the week. Perhaps 5-10 winners could be used to help relieve them. Just a thought to help out. I can imagine that even after one day, I would be glad to be finished, but at the same time, I gladly put up my hand to volunteer!
  3. I don't have any experience with Club Champion, but a very good friend of mine was not pleased with his fitting. I wish I could help more. However, if you are ever in southwest Ohio (I live in Dayton), I can't recommend Miles of Golf in Fairfield (near Cincinnati) enough! I have been going there for the past 7 years. See Derek - he is awesome. Great putter fitting with Eric this summer as well!
  4. Well, just 6 weeks after I started playing my new Titleist TSi2 driver, sure enough, during a range session on the sim, I ever so slightly got underneath one and voila! Yes, it is small and not really noticeable at address, but... What is the best way to 'fix' this? And/ or do I have to worry about it 'spreading'? Appreciate any thoughtful advice.
  5. Thank you for the opportunity, MGS - WOW!
  6. Awesome - thanks another great opportunity. Good luck to all!
  7. Woot, woot! This is going to be great for those lucky enough to be chosen. Good luck to all!
  8. Isn't The Ball Lab Quality Comparison Tool supposed to be available today, April 21st? I thought that is what I understood from the podcast. Really eager to see the results!
  9. Alfred Dayton, OH Odyssey O-Works Black #1 Tommy Armour #2 Wide - loved that this one was a top performer in the blade category. Eager to try! Many thanks for your consideration.
  10. Alfred Dayton, OH I walk 95% of the time - unless invited to a club or at a resort course. I carry, but it would be a heckuva lot easier to have a cart! Please, please, please!
  11. Alfred - Dayton, OH iPhone SE (2020) - latest and greatest iOS (currently 14.2) Outdoors (I have access to a range with heated stalls where I hit balls weekly No net! Please, please, please - this is so cool!
  12. Alfred Dayton, OH Size EU 45 / 11 or 11.5 Ecco Biom Hybrid 2 Stability in the swing without sacrificing too much comfort since I am a walker.
  13. Alfred - Dayton, OH Handicap - 5 Current Model Wedges Played - Hogan TK-15, 53 and 58. So, I would choose 54 and 58. What appeals to me about a raw wedge: Love the finish. Haven't played that style for a while, so would love to try again!
  14. Alfred - Dayton, OH That's the problem, I don't keep it sharp! And I haven't found a good indoor putting mat that I feel helps. So, a little on some carpeting, but that is it. Oh, and my putting has been suffering because of it! Long ago, I had one of those really slick and long roll-up pieces of putting mats that had an automatic returner, but it was no more than a gimmick. I am coming back from the 'unmentionables', so really need the help! Medium speed. Although I mostly play on public courses, I do feel I need more practice on slightly faster surfaces.
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