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  1. Hi, @Lacesr4suckers I might be your guy I had the same issue - switched to the claw grip (taught it to myself, but it mostly resembles Justin Rose - at least the last time I checked) and that helped me literally stay in the game. I do very much like the SuperStroke Claw grips. I have tried both the 1.0 and the 2.0 with the 2.0 a little bigger as it fits my left hand better since I do play with mid-size grips on all my clubs. So, it just depends a bit on feel and how you normally like your putter grips. Smaller, thinner putter grips are simply bad for me! However, when I went to get my current gamer (the glorious Evnroll ER2v for which I got fitted at their Carlsbad location back in April - highly recommended) at Golf Galaxy, I was planning to get the 2.0 put on, but they didn't have one. So, I browsed for a bit and landed on the Winn Dri-Tac Jumbo Pistol Lite. It is a bigger grip, but again, I really like the pistol shape for my left hand and the flat front for my right hand. The key for me with the claw grip is getting a stable left hand (whatever works best) and then a comfortable, connected feel for the right hand. I would highly recommend all three of these grips. Hope this helps.
  2. Congrats, testers! I hope you enjoy the test as much as I love my ER2v!
  3. Absoflippinlutely! I only take a cart when I have to. Love the walk - exercise benefits, more time to chat with fellow players, a little more time to 'rest' between shots. I still carry as well (Sum Mountain 2.5+) as I can't even be bothered to switch to a pull cart, although that may come sooner or later!
  4. Hi there. I have been a big fan of Terry Kohler's wedges since his SCOR days, then followed him and bought wedges when he was at Ben Hogan, and now again at Edison. I am currently gaming 2 of the 3 I bought (switched out one in favor of a chipper, which I am currently testing). Long story short, I really like the wedges. As good a feel as others; look great at address; versatile. Enough options to customize (grip and shaft) and customer service has been terrific to help you decide what setup is right for you. I would seriously consider, especially since they have a money back guarantee. I don't think I can say they have met claims or not, but I am not considering any other wedges at the moment despite Most Wanted testing
  5. It took me 5 or 6 years to beat my 2015 Great Big Bertha driver! I switched last year to a Titleist TSi2 with a KuroKage SFW 50g stiff shaft. But I am currently testing a TourEdge Exotics C722 with a Tensei Orange 65g stiff shaft (per their recommendation based on some data I gave them). The above just as context that indeed it may take a while to change! I would definitely go to a fitter, especially if you haven't been for a while. My preferred fitter is 45 minutes away (Miles of Golf Cincinnati) and worth every minute to/from and whatever small fee they get from me for the fitting (most, if not all, gets refunded if I buy). I have fitted everything but wedges there (and not sure why I haven't fitted those!). The other option as I have recently discovered is to engage the excellent TourEdge Exotics customer service team (you fill out a quick form on their site - find "Contact Us" and they will get back with you quickly). They have a fantastic 30-day trial period. You literally order, pay for the driver and try it out for that time and as long as your return within the 30 days, you get a full refund. I tried the TrueGolfFit tool and it suggested the TourEdge Exotics Pro 721 driver, so I bought it, but quickly found out it wasn't the right driver. I then worked with customer service and voila, trialing what looks to be a very competitive C722. Give them a try - highly recommended. Good luck!
  6. I actually just completed an 'exploratory' driver fitting (not truly interested in changing out my current gamer, but always interested to try the new stuff). One of the driver/ shaft combos that actually threatened if not actually beat my gamer was the Mizuno ST-Z-220 with an Aldila Ascent Red 50 Stiff. My gamer is a Titlelist TSi2 with a KuroKago 50 SFW, so similar shafts. Funny enough, TrueGolfFit actually had my current gamer has my 2nd choice driver, so I was encouraged by that, although not at all encouraged by the first choice which was a TourEdge Exotics Pro721 with a Tensei Blue 65 in stiff. Two very different drivers. FYI, TourEdge actually allows you to test clubs and return within 30 days for a full refund. I took advantage of that offer. I am trying a different combination (this time with the C722 head) after providing info on my swing, what I am trying to accomplish, etc. Their customer service has been amazing. So based on a data set of 1, I would just be a little careful of too big a change from your current driver via the tool. I certainly like the notion of it, but... My recommendation is always, always, always get fit. I know Adam thinks it should be free, but if you plan on buying, most fitters will refund that 'cost' for a purchase. I have one of the best fitters about 45 minutes away (Miles of Golf, Cincinnati) and they have always treated me wonderfully.
  7. Since I am currently gaming it and a bit biased (after going to a claw/saw grip - probably most similar to Justin Rose and going through an extensive putter fitting at Miles of Golf in the Cincinnati area), I would heartily recommend that you at least try an Axis1 Tour-B. I have generally putted with Anser style putters my whole golfing life (although I did start with a Ping Kushin back in the day). I have tried mallets on occasion, but they never seem to stick with me as they just don't fit my eye. I was close to going with the Axis1 Rose during the fitting, but once I saw the Tour-B, I fell in love with the blade style, its softer feel, and even though the 'torque-free' construction forces an unorthodox shaft positioning, the way it frames the ball so nicely at address. There are other torque-free options as well (of the mallet and even quite large mallet style!), so don't leave those out of your testing. Best of luck!
  8. Ah, sorry - I didn't realize you were lefthanded. Yeah, unfortunately, you know far better than us righties, how hard that can be. Well, still very good luck and I hope you have success!
  9. Absolutely - give it a go! I was struggling with a players distance iron (the Ping i500) and too heavy/ stiff of a shaft, so was not getting enough height. I have never got on with hybrids, so that was a non-starter. So I switched to a set of Mizuno MP-18 MMC's and put the Neo Green shaft in stiff in them. Much better performance for all my irons (distance and height), but still struggled to get what I needed from my 4-iron - even in the Fli-Hi version. So, my fitter suggested a 7-wood, but of course, could not find one when I started looking last summer. I just kept browsing eBay and the stores (preferred TaylorMade to match my 3- and 5- woods) and luckily found one on Callaway's preowned site. It is a Sim-2 Max 7-wood with the blue Ventus in stiff. It has indeed become a money club in the few rounds I played before the season ended here in Ohio. If I read what's in your bag correctly, you have Taylormade woods, so I would try to stay within the 'family'. I would bet you have immediate confidence with it and never go back. Good luck!
  10. I love the DTC brands (Snell, Vice, OnCore) as well as the MaxFli Tour. Try also Lostgolfballs.com - go with the 5A and they are essentially new. There is always an extra 10% and if you spend enough, free shipping. They are great about returns if you are not satisfied with the quality, which unfortunately, I have been. But it hasn't been a problem so far.
  11. Great idea for thread - thanks for starting! I tend to hit the ball a little low and while I am always looking for driver yards, I want to try to find a sweet spot of higher launch/ more driver carry/ lower compression (I know Tony would not like me for saying that last bit). As an example, I really enjoy the feel of the prior gen TP5 (USA Pix), the prior gen AVX, and the OnCore Elixir. I have also enjoyed testing the Snell MTB-X and Black and the 2019 Maxfli Tour. I have kicked out the ProV1x, left dash, all Bridgestone models, Kirkland Signature (even though I love Costco!), and TP5x. As a mid-swing speed player, I will investigate this year's results as follows: the new TP5, the Snell MTB Black, ProV1, AVX, Maxfli Tour, and Vice Pro since those are suggestions from the MGS team for balls in the 80's compression range. The Maxfli and Vice Pro had relatively higher launching numbers and had some of the best carry distances for the compression range I prefer. And I agree - this is my favorite report that the team does. I know they don't like to do it, so perhaps they should run a contest and if forum members would be willing to pay their way out to the testing site, perhaps MSG foots the hotel and food bill for a bunch of members to help out over the week. Perhaps 5-10 winners could be used to help relieve them. Just a thought to help out. I can imagine that even after one day, I would be glad to be finished, but at the same time, I gladly put up my hand to volunteer!
  12. I don't have any experience with Club Champion, but a very good friend of mine was not pleased with his fitting. I wish I could help more. However, if you are ever in southwest Ohio (I live in Dayton), I can't recommend Miles of Golf in Fairfield (near Cincinnati) enough! I have been going there for the past 7 years. See Derek - he is awesome. Great putter fitting with Eric this summer as well!
  13. Well, just 6 weeks after I started playing my new Titleist TSi2 driver, sure enough, during a range session on the sim, I ever so slightly got underneath one and voila! Yes, it is small and not really noticeable at address, but... What is the best way to 'fix' this? And/ or do I have to worry about it 'spreading'? Appreciate any thoughtful advice.
  14. Isn't The Ball Lab Quality Comparison Tool supposed to be available today, April 21st? I thought that is what I understood from the podcast. Really eager to see the results!
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