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  1. The M7 made for an easy round in 30 degree heat yesterday, which is heatwave temperatures for the UK! It’s worth it’s weight in gold
  2. When you edit your round before signing off just select the shot and show it as a positional shot. That way it won’t affect your distances
  3. As the title says, what would you class as a luxury golf item? That bit of kit that isn’t really necessary but just makes you feel like you can’t do without it? For me it has to be my remote control electric trolley, don’t really need it but just can’t see myself playing without it
  4. Well I took the M7 out for the first time today and have to say I am really impressed with it. The difference it makes to your game is impressive. Felt a lot fresher after playing and didn’t have the usual aches and pains from pushing a trolley around. It was a little more noisy than I was expecting, but to be honest some of that was my clubs moving around in the bag, and I think I need to use it some more to see if this is normal. The motors themselves seem very quiet but there did seem to be some noise coming from the wheels. Now admittedly this could be due to it being new and then bedding in so will reserve judgement until after some more use. It is lacking in storage space which could improve it but overall though I would highly recommend it, you won’t look back once you have one
  5. I had a good round today by my standards, 90 (45/45), which is a net -7. 42% FIR 22% GIR and 30 putts. Had a couple of awful holes tho with 2 trebles and one where I hit 3 off the tee, the first 2 both going in the water It’s getting better though and I’m hoping to improve some more now I’ve started playing regularly
  6. Having read all the reviews I’ve ordered an M7 and it should be with me next week. Really looking forward to taking it out
  7. Mick London UK Currently have Odyssey white hot Would love to try the Impact No3
  8. Mick / London UK Handicap 25 Yonex Want to see if I can get more spin and like the finish
  9. Mick London UK Odyssey Dart Metal X Tomcat 14 Want to try the landing light alignment system
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