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  1. I would like a chance to feel the difference and give feedback on the scoring results from my current Odyssey DF 550 to the either the Odyssey White Hot OG #7 or 1WS. Appreciate the opportunity. Regards, Rich
  2. I would really like to test this monitor! My wife and I are avid golfers and we like to keep up with the latest technologies to improve our game. It's fun challenging myself and playing my best against my golfing buddies. Thanks for the opportunity, Rich
  3. Interesting would like to try this out and maybe be a referral advocate to my fellow golf buddies.
  4. I am ready to try something new that looks like it would get the ball rolling off the face quicker than my current putter.
  5. Currently I use a PING CRAZ-E when the greens are slow then switch to a Odyssey DF-550 blade when greens are hard and fast. Love the PING CRAZ-E but it is all steel and so heavy I lose the feel I need when the greens get fast in the winter season. I would choose the Tyne 3
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