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  1. Shawn/ San Francisco CA Yes, RH. Two clubs options I'd like to test: 18* - Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff 18* - Recoil ES 95 F5 X-Stiff 5 Handicap Currently carry 2 hybrids 17* Tour Edge Exotics with RIP Alpha stiff. And a TMM2 21*
  2. Shawn/ San Francisco, California/ USA I currently use the EVNROLL ER2. I bought it partially based on MyGolfSpy reviews and I love it! However I have been wanting to experiment with higher MOI, larger, more stable putters. Therefore, would love to test the Tomcat14. I struggle on shorter putts but am nails on long putts. Would love to see if I can improve my short putting using one of these Pings.
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