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  1. Came for the club review, stayed for the golf updates! Beauty irons and excited to hear how you've been gaming with them. Cheers!
  2. I'll try to keep this brief: I went to try drivers at a local shop and already had convinced myself I was better suited for playing a more forgiving driver as it's typically my weakness, but I ended up hitting the "normal" version as well as the "plus/max" out of general curiosity. I found that I hit the ball much better with the stock version which was a little shocking to me. With the max versions I felt like I was swinging harder than normal for some reason, and I think that may have attributed to the poor hits. I'm just curious on what you guys have experienced with this and if anyone has any sort of insight as to why this may have been the case. Cheers!
  3. Tyler Pittsburgh iPhone XR Testing will be weather dependent, but more than likely outdoors > indoors. Thank god for heated hitting bays. Will definitely use a net for indoor use (obviously), but don't readily have access to net for outdoor hitting. Good lucky to everyone and can't wait to see the results!
  4. Tyler Pittsburgh, PA Yes, it was my Dad's old one and started to wear No, but I would consider it if I had a solid and consistent net setup
  5. Tyler Pittsburgh, PA Shoe Size: 10.5 Current Shoe Worn: Nike Vapor What's The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection: Split between looks and traction
  6. Tyler M Pittsburgh, PA Odyssey Works 3 Interested in Ketsch because it best matches my putter stroke and would give me the best ability to give good feedback. Always wanted to game an Anser too
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