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  1. Late to the party on this one @BostonSal being a UK player, I would that fitting is still down to the select with some £££ or the talent. For me I have been adapting my bag as my game slowly improves, so at the moment I think 8 different shafts: Driver - self chosen 55g stiff Adila 3w & 4h - Taylormade 2017 stock 65g s 2i - Mizuno rifle reg flex maybe a 90g not sure 5,6,8,P - KBS 90g reg flex 9, - 90g stiff as it previous owner lost his 9iron from set 7 - reg 85g, I hit a tree root, flushed the ball 200 to the green and the head went 120 behind it. SW - Lynx wedge flex LW - KBS tour clite taper 110g stiff Ping Sigma 2 stock shaft. Rubbish I can't count ...9 different ones.
  2. I have used a number of different apps since returning to golf in 2018/19. I started with a scorecard app that had some mapping but little in terms of stats. I moved to Golfshot which had a better function in stats and being app to record shots on a GPS track, I know the premium version allows you to manipulate the shot tracker should you wish to see a lay up option. Have tried GRINT and 18Birdies but I have found the best stats recall and layout and directory of courses I use Taylormade On Course. I had been recording every round but of late with a need to flatten my handicap differences I play each shot and use a scorecard.
  3. My Club is a 9hole played all year round, everyone walks bar one Gent who has a ride on buggy, I think cart golf is still reserved to the big ticket clubs in Scotland £££. I always carried and moved to a 3wheel trolley for comp days.
  4. Crazy bad followed by crazy good. Horrible slice off the tee to land 5ft behind players on next tee. Second shot 156 yds in with tree 3ft in front of me and other trees 50yds out from green. Hit punch 5i keeping it low under the tree and just skims the others and rolls to 2ft for a birdie.
  5. Positive Bias Cobra irons, I feel they have more distinction from some others like the copper finish. Taylormade/ Callaway/Mizuno Drivers - General shape is always pleasing to the eye. Putters - Ping mallets, Taylormade mallets Negative Bias Titleist Driver/Woods - Never like the look in general or behind the ball. Wilson irons - always feel very big behind the ball. I am a bargain bucket golfer so never too picky but I have built my bag around most of these and a thinner top line behind the ball. Give me another few years and practice on short game and then I might be a wedge snob but not yet.
  6. That would be on me yes, I assumed wrongly that WA was Western Australia not Washington.
  7. I think you both are making the same point from different angles, there is evidence that eating late at night alters the bodies functions and kicks in the digestive system at a time it should be resting and going into sleep mode, but yes it not weight loss that it impacts rather the maintenance of a consistent weight. I have found that having an interval of between 12-14 hours between dinner and my next meal makes me feel better and I am more consistent. So long as you have the protein % correct for your dinner you should have a 'full' feeling longer and not require the snack. Lastly to your country point its a global issue not just the US, here in the UK too, not sure what Oz is like for Kenny.
  8. Hi Matt, I haven't lost a load of weight as I've been a bit of runt most of my life but I have been on journey for 2 and bit years. #1 bit of advice I can give you is get up and exercise. Don't matter how you feel, tired, rough, cold, weather is rubbish (I am in Scotland so we like to talk weather). I got lazy with COVID restrictions and had no motivation before commiting to getting up 5/7 days and doing something for 30 or 45mins. #2 Get some strength training into your routine, anything that gets you legs working, biggest muscles get the fire going. #3 Eat whatever you want, so long as it is natural and plenty of protein to keep hunger away. Within the first year, no lie I added 10 yards to every club by being fitter and stronger.
  9. Not been back to golf long so yes spend a lot of time off the fairway. I have always played well with long irons so have an 18° driving iron and 4 iron. Have had a 19° hybrid but not consistent enough with it. Does anyone play a 7 wood stiff shaft?
  10. After a focussed practice at the range saturday I was having a practice 9 today. My session was highligting that a half swing with my driver was consistent and getting good distance, a full 'Bryson' swing got a lot of air and was not consistent in direction. Unfortunately all that went missing today, out of 7 drives 2 got any height. More practice required.
  11. Hi, my name is Peter, 32, and I live in home of golf, Scotland just outside Edinburgh. Played weekends as a kid with family and stomped my way round a few courses, a back injury at 16 put me out for a long time. Just returned to golf in the last year after seeing the open at Portrush. Got first handicap this year and currently at 24.6 with an average score in the 90s. Every shot is different, even from some of the best players. have seen various reviews, articles and videos over the last year. Originally from Northern Ireland, and member at Dundas Parks GC. Best thing - long summer evenings for a full 18 after dinner. Worst thing - course changes in a matter of days dependant on the weather. Policy and Project Officer in regional authority. Longtime shorthand.
  12. Peter/ Queensferry/ Scotland/ UK Taylormade Ghost Rossa Fontana 62 Really like the colour scheme in this range from when it was launched. I'd like to try either the Ketsch or the Tomcat14, I really like the parallel lines as sometimes I struggle to align with just a single line.
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