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Louis "John " Gavazza

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    Surprise, Arizona

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    60 and over
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    91-100 mph
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    Multiple times per week
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    Driver/Off the Tee
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  1. I tried the Cut ball two years ago and found that they didn't go as far as the Vice I was playing. I then tried Oncore Elixr and found they were good balls. I then moved on to the Vero X1 and these are very good balls. Now with the Oncore Elixr 2022 balls at 85 compression and 350 dimples, these are very good balls and I am moving back to them. So Oncore balls are way better than Cut balls.
  2. Louis Surprise, AZ Taylor Made M1 10.9 index 100 mph TSI2 or 3
  3. John, Surprise, Arizona, USA Wilson TPA XIX Anser 2, I have been using my putter for about about 30 years and would like to see if a newer style would help my putting.
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