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  1. David in Sacramento What IOS Device: iPhone 12 pro Primary testing will be outdoors, but will have indoor capability I will use a net and test on a range
  2. David Sacramento, CA TITLEIST TS2 Handicap: 7 Swing Speed: 115 TSi3 would be great!
  3. David Sacramento, CA USA Currently using: Odyssey White Hot Rx Im most interested in the Piper Armlock. My current putter is 3 degree loft, but I forward press a bit so I’ve wanted to try a higher loft in the future. Sometimes I feel I squeeze the ball into the green on impact. I prefer to feel my shots off the face with every club and the Odyssey is way too soft for me. These PINGs are intriguing for their firm feel. The Piper is the same head shape I use now, plus I have a slight arc putter stroke so it seems to fit my style perfectly.
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