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  1. Would be nice to have one of them, definitely keep me walking more
  2. Johny/Atlanta GA 7 Underarmour. Comfort, traction, durability.
  3. First Name: Ming /City State : London UK Handicap: 18 Current Model Wedges Played: Wilson Staff 52. Callaway Mack daddy 56 What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge: I heard the brand is one of the greatest, want to try its product, also the look.
  4. Johny/London/UK Wilson Staff. I'm very interested in Fetch or Ketsch , both Mallet type, I had the Odssey men's black triple track 32" Mallet one, sadly 4 weeks ago, someone broken into my car, stolen my golf clubs and push trolley, very upset, I bought Wilson Staff whole set for emergency. My partner using Ping's driver and irons, they are very good quality, perhaps in the future I will buy Ping's irons.. Thx. Johny
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