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  1. I have used Golfshot, lasers, arrcos and my Garmin S20. I keep going back to looking at my watch 99 percent of the time. I just wish the bands held up better. I have gone through abought 7 or 8 bands since I have had.
  2. My Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting By analyzing our database of over 320,000 live launch monitor fittings, we have determined the best ball for your game: e9 LONG DRIVE Designed to fit golfers who want extreme distance and maximum power on every shot.
  3. I have a Garmin S20 and rangefinder. Initially I was using both. But one day rangefinder batteries were dead. Put back in bag and have never gotten back out. Need to get batteries and use again. I really used it more for layup distances. Rely on watch for distances to green.
  4. Cody loves to play ball. If I am in yard chipping he goes to get ball before it even stops moving. Just doesn't always bring back to me.
  5. I carry about dozen in pocket of new balls. In another pocket are balls I find on course to use as shag balls. Then in one of large pockets keep another dozen just in case. Never had to use on course though.
  6. I carry my 3 wood. Along with a 3 and 4 hybrid. I don't carry 4 iron. Thinking about doing away with 5 iron too. That would let me carry chipper along with the 3 wedges.
  7. 1 How long been playing golf? Started when I was about 9 years old. 66 now. 2. What do I love about golf? I love getting out for exercise these days. Before it was for more competition. Just for fun now. 3. What brings me to mygolfspy? Do I know any other Spies? I came to my golf spy to learn about new equipment. I don't know any others that I know of. 4. I am from Georgetown, KY. Home course is Canewood or any public course around. 5. The best thing around is you can always find a game in the area. Worst thing is weather. 6. I am retired. 7. Name I have always used for years.
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