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  1. I definitely hope it will improve my game - and the saving is a big added bonus.
  2. I went to one of their shops for custom-fitting today. The guy seems to know what he was doing. He asked me to try a variety of clubs, took some notes and then recommended the club length, lie angle and the type of shafts, heads, grips etc. The store is a components store. The set he came up with included the cost of the components and $10/club to put together. The whole thing came to about probably half of the name brands. I will provide an update when I have received and tried them out.
  3. Thanks, John. It seems they are not very popular brands.
  4. I am looking to buy a new set of golf clubs and have come across a place called Golfworks which makes Maltby, CER, Distance Master brands of clubs. Has anyone bought from them and do you have any comments, good or bad? Thank you for sharing your experience.
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