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  1. I have a SkyTrak and want to note that an IPad does not have the power to connect to a projector over a 25’ HDMI cable, so you’ll have to have the power of a laptop if you’re using a studio/curtain to project the flight path image. So while the Mevo+ Is obviously more portable (inside/outside), if you’re using screen projection, you're gonna want to stay with the SkyTrak . I’m a HS golf coach and we set this up at the local golf course for the local youngsters to use for free.
  2. Nick (13 year HS golf coach) Cathlamet, WA M2 15.7 80 tsi3
  3. 66 year old 12 season High School golf coach, prefer a mallet style, currently using Odyssey white hot teron. 13.5 Index hdc.Currently own Karsten 1 ping putter as well.
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