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  1. I’m the perfect test candidate, based on Edel experience! Big Fan and current putter of a Edel Torque B! Ive had it in the bag for 3 yrs now! Ive loved it ever since the 1st time I put it in my hands. Especially with the factory installed Pure putter grip. Which lead me to replacing all my clubs with Prue DTX grips. So shout out to both Edel and Pure! Everywhere my bag goes they go with me 4-Life! I Putt In Every-time, Chris Taylor
  2. Chris Taylor zelos 8 stiff swing speed 83+ current shaft project pxi 6.0
  3. Tay_Pleasant Garden_NC_USA Edel Torque B Heppler Tomcat 14_ Before my current putter I had a OG Ping Craz-e I purchased back on 2002, yeah that’s rite ‘02! I had it in my bag until 2015-16! The Edel has a great feel and firmness but I’ve had my eye on the Tomcat/Heppler putters from day one. Would love a chance to test a tomcat. I would even be willing to test any of the new G425 drivers for you guys as well If y’all would like a avid amateur assistances. If so, feel free to send both at the same time.
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