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  1. Tried the TSR-2 with a GD up charge shaft in stiff. The pro that I borrowed it from has a similar swing speed and similar swing tempo. On the course it was just amazing with nice sound, great flight and nice roll. It was great. I hit some awesome bombs with it. The heavier head of the TSR2 vs my TSi3 seems to make a big difference for me. Before I line up to buy the TSR2, I think I will try to get some lead tape for my TSi3 and may be get the upgraded shaft to see if I get similar LM results at a fitting between the TSR2 vs TSi3 comparison. I really like my TSi3 when I got it 2 years ago, but I think switching to a heavier Arccos Plus 4 grip has changed my ability to hit it with consistency.
  2. I understand your pessimism, I had the same view before Arccos and I had used Garmin for my stats before. The difference is that Arccos studies the length of putt made, putting trends, and other data to provide a comprehensive view on my putting. It actually tells me that suck at 0-10 footers on a consistent basis. It seems that my SG analysis consistently points to my shortcomings in this area and its not GIR, approach shots, etc. Interestingly, my short game consisting of bunkers and short chip shots is actually better consistently (on SG basis) than my short to medium putts. I always thought my bunker play was brutal, but its actually not bad when it takes into account proximity to the hole, etc. Its my putting that's bad.
  3. I agree with the comments around putting. The Link is great for making sure you get each putt recorded and the location on the pin with the button.
  4. I love how he paid for the PGA Champions' caddies night out a few weeks ago. Says a lot about him. His call to Shane Lowry that didn't go through after his BMW win was funny too.
  5. Great contest! Congrats to the winners and those tied at the top! These contests are great! Keep it up MGS Forum!
  6. Loved JT patting himself on the back (after Jordan's shot) basically saying he left the perfect leave for his partner! Those guys are having fun...
  7. I will find out when the new Mizuno's are available for fittings and I will go and get fitted. They look pretty sweet. If these JPXs don't work for me, I may try and get fitted for the Mizuno Pro 223s.
  8. Not a big fan of white pants. Mud, grass, halfway house or beer stains. Shorts are okay, but don't wear that either. I am a fan of white golf shirts, especially on hot sunny days, so have 2-3 of those in my golf rotation. I don't wear white golf socks either. I guess I will never be on the leading edge of golf fashion....
  9. Thank you for the advise. I was actually not looking to do it myself, but I appreciate the detailed instructions.
  10. The ZNE shaft as a putter shaft sounds pretty interesting. I have zero interest in paying $300+ for a after market putter shaft LA Golf or other manufacturers to my already expensive Scotty Cameron. I still need to understand and try one of these non steel putter shafts to see how it performs. I have yet to notice one of these premium putter shafts on any of my friends putters. But clearly my putting stats must suck because I don't have one of these things! A question to the club building pros on this site.... How hard is it to replace my putter shaft with a new graphite or steel aftermarket shaft? My Scotty is a straight shaft putter with a plumbers neck, etc. Its a Squareback. Also is the original shaft still okay after its been removed ie. can it be put back on to my Scotty again if I don't like the new shaft... (so is extraction without damaging it possible, etc.)
  11. I worked across the street from World Trade at 1 Liberty Plaza. The old Merrill Building for those that know lower Manhattan. Fortunately, I was in Toronto that day so walked downstairs to the trading floor to see how a plane could accidentally hit World Trade. Then saw the surreal scene on TV. Didn't go back to see the pit for many years. Fortunately had my assistant pack my personal stuff so I didn't have to go back to the building. One of my roommates at the time saw more than any person should see since he was working at Goldman and tried to help. He's never been the same, and we really never talk about it. One of my classmates from MBA school lost his brother at World Trade.
  12. I really like my TSi3. Not sure I need an upgrade. Its feels like butter and goes really far for me. I may consider a 5W to replace my U-510 2 wood, but its hard to tell until i see how it feels on the range. Can't wait.
  13. 2 Canadians on the International Team can’t hurt! Well at least they can chug a beer or two at the halfway hut!
  14. I am still loving Arccos. The new stats are better, and the new v3 Putter sensor works better. Lots of data and lots of insights. Its definitely a great system if you can get the shot tracking to work. My set up with the new Link generally works. But what I find frustrating is that some stats only show up on a desktop and not on the App, but on the desktop some stuff is a new beta (which is like 12 months old now), and some data is still in the older desktop version. Lastly, why can't we get the App on an iPad so we can see our various stats on a bigger screen?
  15. I still love my TSi3, but you guys are killing me with these TSr reviews. I have to admit it looks really nice. I am too scared to go to my local Titleist rep since if I get more than 5-7 yards with tighter dispersion, I am a sucker for buying it on the spot. Thankfully, the delivery would be several months out, so I think I will refrain from seeing the local Titleist rep and wait it out until our season is over up here. Plus I figure TM will have the next gen Carbon Wood to compare it against. I got to try to support Rory and Tiger with my dollars for not going to Liv right?
  16. With Arccos, the stats are endless... Still loving it. I am finding the detailed approach and short game / putting stats very interesting.
  17. I think walkable is a factor for me. I would rather walk a course with a cold beer in hand than go to place that's mandatory cart. Also course conditions factors in on top of the course layout and views. I really hate gimmicky holes. Like having to take a blind shot, mid iron down a steep fairway (with some kind of dogleg) then your second involves having a long iron or hybrid to some tiny green. Other examples... some great courses have gimmicky holes where for instance the green is so firm that its impossible keep anything on the green no matter how high you can hit it and try to land it softly, so your only option is to have to hit it into a sharp bank left or right of the green (with random stuff) to get it to sit by the pin on a green.
  18. Big Win for Rory and a big win for the PGA Tour! it’s great to see Rory finish it off in Atlanta and then to speak about how great the PGA Tour is. Can’t hurt to see some big names like Matsuyama deciding to stay with the Tour.
  19. Recently bought a set of used UST Recoil ES 780 F4 stiff. Kind of a shot in the dark really. My pro was supportive and said give it a shot. My DGs were feeling a bit too heavy for me lately and it’s been a nice / surprising change. I have never gamed graphite irons before. I am finding my 3/4 shots feel easier to hit. They are still launching great on full shots. I am also not getting the ballooning trajectories I was fearing. Shot one of my best rounds after switching to the Recoils. I am wondering if I need a heavier (non recoil) PW shaft though, the difference between PW and my conventional steel GW is bigger now. So far so good though. I totally agree it’s not for everyone but this experiment was definitely eye opening for sure. Going now try a new Recoil ES SMACWRAP F4 Stiff in a new Haywood CB 7 iron to see how that feels.
  20. Cooper enjoying National Dog Day!
  21. I totally agree that the XV is an awesome ball. Great distance but still has good feel on the tee box. I really like the trajectory and feel with my driving iron or FW as well. The spin around the greens is very good, I like the feel of it with my putter too. The kicker is the price is awesome.
  22. I am thinking of getting a new shaft for my U-510 DI. I love the club in my bag, but I think I am missing some consistency. I bought it used with a stock HZDUS Black 6.0, but I find it’s not as consistent as a GD I tried with the Titleist Rep earlier this year. Also I play mostly Mitsubishi Tensei’s on my Driver, 3 FW and Hybrid, so I think I need to go get fit for a new shaft. All this talk about Ventus TR shafts makes me think I need to try that too. I am a sucker for marketing.
  23. KC Golf

    KC Golf

  24. I really like the XV. Seems to keep my drives in the fairway from its lower ball spin. Putts feel good on par with a Pro V. it’s cheaper than Pro V and I am not seeing a huge difference, so it continues to stay in my bag.
  25. I use my 2 driving iron on long and windy courses with narrow fairway. I find the lower trajectory and post carry rolling distances are great with a driving iron. I also find it great off the tee when you want to hit it low into a narrow landing zone. I find a hybrid is better if you are looking at landing it on and stopping it on a long par 3
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