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  1. Lucas Concord, Ca Zelos 7 88 mph Stiff True Temper on 910 AP2
  2. I have a green 65g shaft in my Callaway Epic 3-wood, it felt like a cheat code going from 710 3-wood to this from the head to the shaft.
  3. You're fast enough that all of the premium balls will function for you, I would go https://www.lostgolfballs.com/, and look at getting you'd like to try. For me personally, I feel Pro-V1s, TP5s, Srixon, Bridgestone and Snell have always been great. It comes down to which ball presents what you want from it. Are you looking for distance solely, feel, spin, a certain ball flight etc
  4. Lukie / Concord, CA/ USA I use the Taylor Made spider x Interested in Floki
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