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  1. Steve, Provo, Utah iPhone X 14.2 indoor: Utah snow brrrr- outdoor as well: want to test accuracy of distance etc due to elevation changes from mountain courses to lower courses. Depending on where I am, indoors or outdoors , yes and no on net, though I’d like to use net out doors and then take the net away and use my bushnell to measure potential differences to see how accurate it is and if there’s any difference between net and no
  2. Steve -Provo, Ut 11(hci) Age-mid 40’s- in case it’s for a certain demographic or target audience besides golf in general. Either the Floki or Fetch would be ones I’d love to try and also the heppler Anser 2, just to compare to my personal putter(s). I love the two tone finish look on them and wish I could afford to buy all 4 but I can’t . I’ve always used either a Karsten or an Anser 2, Anser 2 being my go to. I would also like to utilize the adjustable options and “tinker” around with how the mallet style putters feel and compare in momentum , follow through and feel compared to say, my 35”
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