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  1. Dave Kitty Hawk, NC The only time I don't walk is in tournaments where carts are mandated. I will carry if 9 holes and use a push cart the rest of the time. Caddytek Caddy Light One
  2. Dave Kitty Hawk/ NC Currently the Cut Blue DC I have used the TopFlite extreme distance balls in captain's choice tournaments. Never found one for use in individual play
  3. Dave - Kitty Hawk, NC Over 10 years ago when I had a garage. But now that I have a garage again, I would be using it I would now given the options for a simulator at home.
  4. Depends on what course I am going to play. For fast greens, I will typically put on vinyl plank flooring. For regular greens, upstairs hallway on the carpet. I used to have one of those 'competitor' mats, but it just caused me to get my stroke off centered to play the break in the mat. I'd like to test the medium speed as that is what speed my home course is set at most of the time.
  5. Dave / Kitty Hawk, NC Current Putter: TaylorMade Spyder 3 Interested in the Tomcat 14. In particular the dual alignment lines. I wonder if that will improve sweet spot contact.
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