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  1. There is a very good book on heads up putting called "Instinct Putting Revisited" by Bob Christina, Cary Heath, and Eric Alpenfels and only 121 pages long. It also has drills and charts. Throughout the book it is called "IP". It also mentions of some PGA Professionals that have used the "IP" system in tournaments such as Spieth, Garica, Oostheizen, Miller, Floyd, Thorpe, and others. Some do it while practicing on the putting green before a round. I have tried it with success and amazed that putts longer than 20 feet get closer to the hole this way. I have overcome the fear of the ball and clubhead and also my mind is relaxed and my body is trusted to do the stroke. It does not feel natural or comfortable in the beginning and it does help with the "yips".
  2. I like the Tacki-Mac Avon Itomic IT2 grips, stay tacky for 2 years (it helps to clean with soap and water), made in the USA .600 standard size round and weigh at 44 grams for about $5 each.
  3. If you layer first with a short sleeve thin compression shirt, then a long sleeve mock top and a thin sweater vest and a 3/4 sleeve light windbreaker. And 2 pair of socks and stretch type of boxers.
  4. EWPRO


    Fairways and hybrids should have a 3 degree loft gap from club to club and irons have a 4 degree gap from club to club. If the 13.5* fwy. is not easy to hit sell it, "remember LOFT is your friend" !!
  5. NEW BALANCE shoes are comfortable and waterprof
  6. JIM High Point, NC current ball played Q-Star Tour Yes I would like to try the "new" TF Gamer, especially after the last ball test on the Q-Star Tour. Thanks.
  7. Jim/High Point, NC Plays golf right handed test club wanted= #3 fwy. 14* Reg. flex back-up club would be Hybrid-vktr+ 18* Reg. flex Hcp.=7 yes I have 3 hybrids in my bag currently
  8. James High Point, NC current driver=Maltby KE4-TC hcp.=7 swing speed is about 84 to 88 I would want to sample the Titleist TSi-3 driver
  9. Yes I would like to sample a new Ping Heppler putter: Jim--High Point--NC--USA Currently using a Ram Zebra putter. Like the TYNE-3 model because it has a high MOI and not too big so it would fit in my small carry bag.
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