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  1. The only private courses I've ever been at were when I was working a PGA, LPGA or USGA tournament as a volunteer. I play muni courses 3 or 4 times a week, play ready golf and by our own agreed upon rules. I play for the fun and camaraderie with my friends and keep score for that round and trash the score cards at the end of the round. Our average time per round is in the neighborhood of 3 1/2 hours most days.
  2. Currently I am using an Odyssey Backstrike Dart. I would love to try the Impact 3
  3. My name is James ,Buffalo NY, the putter I use now is an Odyssey Backsrtyke Dart. I would try the Tomcat 14 or the Ketch models. Far too often my putts are coming up just sort or off line to the left.
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