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  1. I'm using Lamkin now and they are fine grips, trust the new ones will be great-congrats
  2. dlm

    Best value golf ball?

    I have not been shopping for golf balls for quite some time, but I do like the new Maxfli balls. I see lots of folks purchase the 15 pack of Pinnacle (soft or rush). https://www.fairwayapproach.com/best-pinnacle-golf-balls/
  3. Tight lies around the green are frequent on the courses I play. I hit an 8 iron bump on these shots as I watch my buddies scull many a chip shot over the green. Occasionally, with froggy grass, I'll drop down to a low hybrid for more power.
  4. Congrats to the group, I'm now a sore loser! Hope they work as good as they look!
  5. I play a lot here in Florida, and it's often quite warm. So, I like to plan for 45 minutes prior to tee time. That gives me 15 minutes to pay up at the proshop and load up, leaving a half hour or so to chat with the boys, hit a few balls and putts.
  6. Sun Mountain C-130 last two bags. I like 15 dedicated slots to include my ball retriever, and always have a spot for each club so know when one's missing. Titleist Stand Bag for travel.
  7. Florida golfer, so like most I play with, I have two gloves in play most rounds. Mine tend to get dirty and then they lose their 'grip' after about a dozen or two rounds. I also wear out the heel occasionally as I land the butt of the club there with my grip. I play 3 times a week, so I get about a month or a month and a half per glove. I prefer a soft full leather glove, and have found the MG brand out of Texas fit me well and sell for $8 or so. I tried the Kirkland glove to but the fit was not as good. Trust me, I like the FJ, Titleist, and Callaway products too, but they are double or triple the MG glove.
  8. Like most of the others commenting on this thread, I will play the ball until it's damaged or lost. I rarely play the same ball in consecutive rounds, just out of habit. That does not mean I won't use it again tho. I also will change out a ball if it's been involved in a couple of double bogies!! It might have a better day next week, or, it may actually be a defective ball. We have seen evidence of that on this website, inconsistent internal manufacturing!
  9. Spike less are so convenient, you should have some (I use 3 rotating). But, with some playing conditions and courses, I am glad to have on my one pair of spiked golf shoes. I think comfort is a matter of price points and fit on various brands, as is the effectiveness of waterproofing.
  10. Nice, keep us posted on opinions of these gloves. Congrat's
  11. I play about 3-4 times a week and in warm Florida. And, I hold the club butt in my palm, so I'm a little rough on gloves in the heel area. I try to get a month or so with each new glove, and typically have 2-3 gloves in play for humid conditions. I've gone to MG Elite due to price and feel, and they have been good to me and my associates with service and wear issues. I hit range balls with the worse conditioned glove.
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