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  1. So I played the last hole with a guy here in Utah a few weeks ago and had to run pretty quick when we finished, so we putted out and I grabbed (what I thought was) my lob wedge from the side of the green and ran to the cart to get to work. The next time I went out to play I reached for my trusty Titleist Vokey SM6 60 degree wedge to knock it tight from 5 yards off the green but didn't see it. I dug around for a minute looking for my wedge and to my horror, found that it had turned into a Callaway... Needless to say I did not knock it tight. Anyway, I can't find the guy to trade back so I guess I'm stuck. It's a good wedge, it's just not my baby... how I miss her. The lady at the pro shop appropriately called it a "switched at birth" scenario, which made me laugh, and made me wonder how often this happens. Have you ever had any club mixups on the course? And can anyone bring my lob wedge back, please?
  2. Kellen / Eagle Mountain, UT 12 New Balance Optimus Most important things I look for in a shoe: Stability when I swing and walk, I need to feel like my foot is supported and I'm not going to roll my ankle when I swing out of my shoes.
  3. Kellen Hansen, Eagle Mountain, UT Right handed First pick: Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff Second: KBS Tour V Stiff 9 handicap No long iron or hybrid in play currently
  4. Kellen Eagle Mountain, UT cobra ZL encore 9 110 TSi2
  5. Kellen / Eagle Mountain, UT 10 Vokey SM6 60 degree Really want to play with wedges that can spin and stop better and looking to find one that works well for my game
  6. Kellen Hansen Eagle Mountain, UT, USA Odyssey Black ZB3. I love the classic design. This looks similar to an old ping putter I used growing up so it fits my eye well and I would love to see how the technology has changed and compare to my soft Odyssey putter.
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