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  1. 1. Joshua Buffalo New York 2. Sometimes putt on the flat carpet I have in the upstairs but its not great. 3. Long time ago putting on that green carpet like stuff that people use to put on there back porches or Florida room and into a plug in ball returner. 4. Fast
  2. Josh/Buffalo New York/ USA Power Bilt TPS cg Zb3 I have been wanting to go back to an old style putter. I have tried multiple old style looking Putters like this but just can't find one that I like the feel of. I love the fact that it has a DOT on it because all these putters with lines don't help me it's more distracting than anything to me. I have never been able to afford an expensive great named putter like Ping. I have always wanted to try one to see if it will help with my putting game and finally find a putter that feels right
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