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  1. Josef Baldwin Park, CA US Living in socal I have access to courses almost all year round; however, most evenings when I am off work the putting greens are usually full or I don't have time to go out to practice I have used putting mats at friend's and family's homes and have liked a couple but never quite got the feel of some of them I would like using a medium speed as that's about how fast the greens are at the courses I play at. Would be great to use on slow days working from home. Can't be too big with our apartment size but any and all practice is good practice!
  2. Josef, Baldwin Park CA, United States. Playing with a Hippo XXL. I would love to try out the Tyne 3, I don't know how to explain it well but the way it looks like a blade when you stop focusing on the copper and instead on the black looks pretty cool. Wondering if that would help with getting rid of distractions and to focus on the ball and putter position.
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