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  1. Blake Akron,OH I am right handed First Choice - UiHi with the KBS Tour V Stiff Shaft Second choice - VKTR+ with the Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff shaft 12 hdcp I currently don’t play either a hybrid or a long utility iron. I’m looking to add one to the bag here in the next couple of months to use off the tee.
  2. Blake B - Akron, OH, USA I don't typically keep my putting sharp in the winter. I don't have a putting mat and its usually pretty snowy during winter. Sometimes I will put in my living room on my carpet. Little experience from friends putting mats, but they seem to be non-realistic to actual putting greens I would like to try the Medium Speed green
  3. Blake Akron, Ohio USA Odyssey Stroke Lab Mid Mallet putter Ketsch, I like the look of it and never have tried a full mallet putter and want to see if it gives me more confidence
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