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    Golf, Golf, Golf, and more Golf. Wish I could play every single day but 1-2 times per week is all I can manage at the moment. Also an avid foodie.
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  1. 1) Zach in Oakland, CA 2) California winters means still usually practice at a putting green at one of my local courses but in a pinch I use my carpet 3) Previously bought a 3'x12' Birdieball mat in 2018 but ended up returning it for partial refund because the one I received was very flimsy and didn't hold up well on carpet 4) Would love to test it out and see if the product has improved since my previous experience, preferably a medium speed
  2. Posting this as I finally picked up the last piece of the puzzle today. Irons and wedges in the WITB below are all bent 1* weak and 1* upright. Also using a Golf Buddy Voice for yardages and playing a Vice Pro Plus ball.
  3. Been playing since I was 4-5 years old (see prof pic) about 24 years. Current HDCP is a 4.6 Love everything about the game, being outside, competing against yourself, practicing integrity and honesty. Came to MGS because I play all the time and am an equipment junkie. Trying to get into product testing. From LA but living in the Bay Area currently. Current home course is Corica Park South in Alameda. Best thing about Bay Area golf is the variety and volume of good courses. Worst thing is tracking the weather in each individual microclimate.
  4. Would love the Broke 80 badge as I have only shot 70 on the number before. Also the hole in 1 badge for my crowning accomplishment at Tilden Park Hole #11 on 3/30/15
  5. Zach/Oakland, CA/USA Scotty Cameron Select Roundback 34" Interested in: Anser 2, Tyne 3, Fetch, and Piper C Playing to a 4.6 hdcp currently but averaging almost 32 putts per round. Been considering switching from mid mallet to a mallet or mid-hang blade. Definitely interested in testing putters as it has been nearly 3 years since I made the switch to my current model.
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