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  1. I'm not sure I have a problem with my hip action, per se. I have found that focusing on the trail hip turning in the transition also seems to add (much needed) lateral movement. Turning with the lead hip doesn't help my weight shift at all. But, all your input was both interesting & helpful, so thanks. As to my original question about "clearing" the hips being a possible oxymoron, I'm just going to assume that a turned hip, since it must be closer to the target line than it was at address, isn't actually "out of the way" at all - nor was it ever out of the way, despite what the pundits will tell you. Cheers!
  2. I hear endlessly about turning the hips to "get them out of the way" but it always seemed to me that, if anything, turning the hips PUTS them in the way compared to their position at address. Either the phrase doesn't represent literally what its PGA proponents are trying to get across, it's incorrect, or, perhaps most likely, I'm fouled up on this. Your thoughts...
  3. Nathan Lee Santa Rosa, CA Currently playing Pro V1 & other tour balls I find. Back in '94 I went on a Scotland trip with some low-trajectory Top-Flite IIs, thinking I'd be trying to hit the ball as low as possible anyway, so, why not make it easier? They really did help make the transition to links golf better than it might have been.
  4. First Name: Jon City, State: Santa Rosa, CA Current Driver in Play: Callaway 815 Alpha/Diamana Blue, 60g stiff Handicap: 12 Swing Speed: 90 Which Driver Would You Like to Review: TSi3
  5. I haven't used either a Cleveland or a raw wedge in many years. The prospect of comparing the Zipcores to my (older) Mizunos out on the course is exciting! Can I hop & stop the Zipcores? Can't wait to find out!
  6. I'd like to test the Heppler Tyne 3. I have the similar Odyssey #7, but don't use it since the insert's too soft for me. I expect the Tyne 3's slight arc spec & firmer feel would be a good fit for me.
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