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  1. My golf friends and family would definitely appreciate me tagging others instead of them all the time. IG: Flood25
  2. They are fantastic feeling. Very forgiving which is helpful for a duffer like me.
  3. @fozcycle I'm in Illinois, went to Club Champion in Willowbrook. Had Brad G. help me get fitted for anyone that sees this and is local. It was an awesome experience. I saw some folks recommend splitting the full bag into 2 sessions, and after doing it all in one I can concur. 100 swings over 4 hours on a course is much different then 100 swings in 2.5 - 3 hours getting fitted. Pretty wild to see how each shaft feels different based on weight or where the stiffness is actually at in the shaft. Plus its just fun to be able to try all the different brands and see what works without being pushed towards a certain manufacturer. I actually had zero intention of getting the SIM's, in fact I fought it despite having TM driver/woods previously. Its just hard to argue the numbers on the trackman, they simply were the best ones out of everything I tried which included the new Bertha, ST200, King SZ, G410, and even the TSi2. To the rest, thank you! Only downside is now I can't blame the clubs anymore for the bad ones. It's not the arrows, it's the Indian!
  4. Hello everyone! My name is Greg. I'm fairly new to the site, actually found my way here reading posts about peoples Club Champion experiences before my fitting in September. I've been unintentionally relocating sod on courses for about 20 years while accidentally hitting a good shot from time to time. The only new club I ever purchased was the R1 driver when it came out in 2013. I built my old bag buying used clubs on ebay. I had G10 irons, R11 woods and SM4 wedges and finally decided this summer that the time had come for an upgrade. Went through the full bag fitting at Club Champion and the only club which remained is my Select Newport 1.5. These are the new twigs which I hope will allow me to stop accidentally hitting good shots and start hitting them on purpose from time to time. Looking forward to being part of the community!
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