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  1. Tim Carterville, MO I do walk the majority of rounds with my son because I'm cheap and I need to lose weight. I currently use a cheap push cart I bought at Dunham's sports.
  2. Tim/Carterville, MO I have a cheap hitting net set up in my garage to practice with for the winter. I currently do not have a LM that I use although I have been kind of looking at them.
  3. Tim, Carterville, MO Mainly put at home on carpet or on cheap putting mat in the garage. Have only ever bought the ones that are $50 or under and I feel like the carpet is closer to the correct feel than these are. I would like to try the slow speed because I really only ever play municipal courses with my son and wife. I think this might be a good teaching tool for my son and wife just learning how to play.
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