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  1. I have the pleasure of playing Myrtle beach courses all year. I have played every course this golfing mecca has to offer more than once. These particular courses are always in good shape no matter what time of year. In late October based on my experience, I would first ask if the course is conducting any greens treatment, renovations or overseeding in advance. Obviously, weather plays in to the time frame but normally Myrtle beach remains warm until late November. If the weather that week is good, the fairways and greens will be in good condition and you will have a wonderful experience. Be su
  2. I made an appointment with a local Club Championship in the N.C. Charlotte area testing a NEW PXG driver. My experience was anything less than good. First, the fitting company didn't even have the PXG driver I wanted to test! Instead, they allowed me to test other makers clubs. Now perhaps I am not sophisticated enough to know that they have some method of duplicating the PXG driver results based on the other manufacturer's drivers' dimensions. It never occurred to me to ask. After spending an hour with the filler, we based the driver I need to works best if I purchased a custom shaft too. I
  3. Currently use PING and SCOTTY but would love to test one of these out
  4. I am currently building my own INDOOR golf simulator and would love to test this net out. First Name/City State- Lou South Carolina Have You Ever Used a Hitting Net- YES Do you use any sort of LM with one- No
  5. First Name/City State Lou/South Carolina Shoe Size 12 Current Shoe Worn Foot Joy customs What's The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection- Style, comfort and anything that promises to add distance to my golf game!
  6. Lou Cesario- South Carolina Right handed 18* - KBS Tour V Stiff Play a 1 iron and 2 iron 15.8 handicap Currently Play PING Long Irons and Titleist 3 wood.
  7. Louis Lancaster SC PXG Gen 1 XF 12 handicap High 80's TSI 3
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