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  1. Hmm You certainly left out a few. Since you mentioned Montauk Downs, I know your list is not only for Nasusa County. Being from NY and living on Long Island for 20 over years, parts of mid Suffolk County have some courses too which you might want to consider adding. First, I agree with you on number 1. You can't beat the Black period. The Red IMO is just a version of the Black without the bunkers and since the greens are small and blind shots do come into play, I say yes to it but don't hold a gun to my head. Long Island National IMO is a better than the RED and I had this conversation with many of my fellow golfer friends who have changed their opinion. Montauk is a great course. I would put Montauk second only to the BLACK. I've played all the courses you list many times but Willow Creek. I am sure Willow Creek is everything I have heard of so I can't comment on it but Cherry Creek, Rock Hill, Long Island National and Smithtown Landings IMO are better courses than any you have listed 5 thru 13. If you haven't played them, then treat yourself especially Cherry Creek which has a PAR 6 18th hole over 600 yards! It's a par 73 course with a great layout that can challenge any golfer. Long Island National I still can't figure out why the PGA or LPGA hasn't consider hosting an event there but "The Black" will always beat it out and maybe why no professional event is considered. Rock Hill has so many hills it makes the Black course look like a walk in the park and Smithtown Landings with its tight tree lines requires you to hit the ball with accuracy on the tee and with your irons. If you get caught in the deep rough, you might think you're playing the BLACK. JUST RIDICULOUS on how deep it gets! I be interested in hearing what your opinion is if you played these courses or considering.
  2. I have the pleasure of playing Myrtle beach courses all year. I have played every course this golfing mecca has to offer more than once. These particular courses are always in good shape no matter what time of year. In late October based on my experience, I would first ask if the course is conducting any greens treatment, renovations or overseeding in advance. Obviously, weather plays in to the time frame but normally Myrtle beach remains warm until late November. If the weather that week is good, the fairways and greens will be in good condition and you will have a wonderful experience. Be sure to ask on the green speeds at Wachesaw. (Lighting fast!). They roll the greens at times to a 12! On another note, these two courses are the foundation which Myrtle beach golf started. Tradition being one of the oldest courses on the strip. They are great courses like every course in Myrtle beach. If this is your first time visiting the area, Tradition is favorable because everyone plays it. And everyone speaks of the generous fairways it has. Both courses lay outs are nice and challenging but for the same price you are likely playing, you can play some better courses in my opinion. Try Wild Wing!. It's a gem of a course with unbelievable practice facilities awesome club house and a layout that will challenge all skill levels. Best of all, not many people play the course because it's not on the main strip like most Myrtle beach courses. Wild wing is about a 40-minute ride west of the airport depending on the week day and traffic If you can, substitute Wachesaw east with Wild Wing. After all, wide fairways like tradition are rare and everyone has to play tradition simply because its Tradition! If your game is up to more challenging course, then may I suggest Tide water or TPC Myrtle. I have seen legit scratch players not break 80. Bring lots of golf balls! Plenty of water and crossing winds on every hole! I hope this helps?
  3. I made an appointment with a local Club Championship in the N.C. Charlotte area testing a NEW PXG driver. My experience was anything less than good. First, the fitting company didn't even have the PXG driver I wanted to test! Instead, they allowed me to test other makers clubs. Now perhaps I am not sophisticated enough to know that they have some method of duplicating the PXG driver results based on the other manufacturer's drivers' dimensions. It never occurred to me to ask. After spending an hour with the filler, we based the driver I need to works best if I purchased a custom shaft too. I get it, this is a sales pitch and I didn't have an issue with this but when the shat cost more than the driver well, the light bulb went off and I decided not to make the purchase. What kills me, the cost was $175 for the fitting. An hour wasted with no purchase. I will never be able to re-coupe the $175 and my time. I went back to PXG rep on line and advised them of this and they recommended I go to a golf course an hour from where I live where they have a PXG fitter to work with. The cost $50.00. I brought along all the information Club Champion gave me on my fitting. After sending an hour with the PXG fitter he simply could not understand how the Club Champion filler came up with the information and fitting I would need. Results? No upgrade of shaft needed, I got to test the driver I wanted to purchase and I am very happy with the results of what i purchased. I know this is a small sample and I am sure many people have had good experience with Club Championship, but I will never recommend anyone in the NC area to use Club Champion. The cost, the sales pitch yielded a bad experience. Club fitting works and I believe it but BUYER beware. Use a fitter that you're comfortable with. ASK QUESTIONS and don't buy in the promise of improvement by upgrading to shafts that are not needed. save the heart ache and non-sense for the golf course!
  4. Currently use PING and SCOTTY but would love to test one of these out
  5. I am currently building my own INDOOR golf simulator and would love to test this net out. First Name/City State- Lou South Carolina Have You Ever Used a Hitting Net- YES Do you use any sort of LM with one- No
  6. First Name/City State Lou/South Carolina Shoe Size 12 Current Shoe Worn Foot Joy customs What's The Most Important Thing in Your Shoe Selection- Style, comfort and anything that promises to add distance to my golf game!
  7. Lou Cesario- South Carolina Right handed 18* - KBS Tour V Stiff Play a 1 iron and 2 iron 15.8 handicap Currently Play PING Long Irons and Titleist 3 wood.
  8. Louis Lancaster SC PXG Gen 1 XF 12 handicap High 80's TSI 3
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