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  1. NR Sub-70

    Wolf Creek

    Collection of pictures I took at Wolf Creek. One of my favorite courses I have ever played!
  2. NR Sub-70


    A few shots from Streamsong earlier this year! Played Red (Coore/Crenshaw), Blue (Doak) & Black (Hanse) courses.
  3. Nick - Chicago, IL I have an old & slow mat at home, as well as access to an indoor green at my gym. Most of my winter practice is in my family room on a mat. I have been using a worn down artificial turf mat for a few years now. Due to its slow speed, it is tough to practice on conditions I would normally face on the course. My gym has a Big Moss green that I use from time to time, it is just not as convenient as having one in my house though. I work a lot with alignment aids and tools such as the Pelz Putting Clips. I would love to test the "Fast - 11-13 Stimpmeter - Championship Course" speed. I am currently working through checking off a lot of the US Top 100 course list, and being able to fine tune my putting on similar green speeds is something that is not available to me at the time.
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