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    Wolf Creek

    Collection of pictures I took at Wolf Creek. One of my favorite courses I have ever played!
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    From the album: Wolf Creek

  3. NR Sub-70

    2020 Golf

    A few shots from some of the courses I've played in 2020.
  4. Nick - Chicago, IL I have an old & slow mat at home, as well as access to an indoor green at my gym. Most of my winter practice is in my family room on a mat. I have been using a worn down artificial turf mat for a few years now. Due to its slow speed, it is tough to practice on conditions I would normally face on the course. My gym has a Big Moss green that I use from time to time, it is just not as convenient as having one in my house though. I work a lot with alignment aids and tools such as the Pelz Putting Clips. I would love to test the "Fast - 11-13 Stimpmeter -
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