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  1. I’ll say mine worked out well too. I didn’t really trust the x stiff shaft they suggested and I delayed a bit but then a pre-owned (read more affordable) option of the driver/shaft combo they recommended came up on global golf and with the 30 day return policy I tried it and damned if I don’t really like it. Definitely getting a few more yards and a hair tighter dispersion when I don’t slice the banana out of it. But it also just feels a lot better. edit: I got my numbers from averaging a couple visits to my local xgolf.
  2. Yeah, I know the v1 was a top value in the 2019 ball comparison. I’m looking forward to seeing how the v2 does this year. $1/ball is an easy choice. My favorite that I’ve played with is the Snell MTB-X. It goes really far and checks up well on the green. But I usually save those for rounds with friends.
  3. I think I remember on a recent “No Putts Given” someone saying that no one should ever play a 2-piece ball and if cost is a concern, then just use the Kirkland, am I remembering that right? And what’s the general reasoning there? Better control/spin around the green? Thanks.
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