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  1. Cobra Driver and 4 wood Mizuno Comp EZ 2 iron Wilson V6 4-PW Adams hybrid Vokey wedges Odyssey putter Maxfli Tour X CG (the must have balls)
  2. I still play my Fly Z but all I can do with it is stripe them down the middle or high lovely, towering draws.
  3. Just pick up a groove sharpener. I do not believe having brand new wedges with maximum spin is that great. A little hop and stop is nice but when new grooves can rip the ball back ten feet I think you lose some control on the landing and release of the ball.
  4. Alright, who listed XXIO as the fastest in the poll? Come on.
  5. To me buying PXG's is like buying a Rolls Royce. It is a classy name and brand, it has a high ticket association. But you can buy a car that has just as much luxury, performance and options at a lower price point that works just as well. I see PXG's in a guy's bag and think, 'He paid an extra few hundred bucks for a logo'.
  6. For me the 60 degree is a wasted club in the bag. Too few situations where it is necessary/handy and you can make a 56 degree wedge do what you need and it is a much more versatile and useful club over a round.
  7. bobsarobot

    Maxfli Tour

    For me the Maxfli Tour balls are considerably longer off my driver. I gave my playing partner one to play last season and he stuck a 9 iron for birdie that he said his Pro-V would not have held the green on since it was a bit of a lower trajectory shot that stopped dead on a tight pin. The four box deal for $105 is unworldly. Best value out there and I don't think these Maxfli balls are deficient in any area comparted to Titleist, Callaway, TaylorMade, Srixon, etc.
  8. I always cast a suspicious eye when I play with someone who has only one brand (like SIM driver, TM irons, wedges and who cares about the putter but someone who just buys all one brand smells like someone who got the shim-sham from a big box store sales guy).
  9. I have played Z Star, Pro-V and a bit of Bridgestone X for the last 10+ years. This last season I have been playing the Maxfli Tour CG X. After seeing the driver data (I am over 100 mph on driver but not near 115 so I went out and bought two boxes o of the Maxfli Tour CG. The X rated way lower on distance (even though I was driving them considerably further than the Srixons and Pro-V's). These are every bit as good as any other ball and the price......buy something cheap at Golf Galaxy, fill out the survey on the receipt to get $10 off your next purchase. Buy two boxes of Maxflis for $60, throw on the coupon and you have two boxes of exceptional balls for $50. That deal cannot be beat.
  10. There is a site called Sideline Swap where plenty of used junior clubs are available. I picked up a nice Cobra set for my daughter, paid about $90 for driver, 3 wood, hybrid, sand iron, 9 iron, 7 iron and putter. Nice stand bag as well.
  11. Submitting my app to test this putting green out. I average 21 putts a round (insert emoji here).
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