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  1. Damian Boston, MA Cobra F6 Index 9.5 avg driver swing speed 105 TSi2
  2. 1) Damian, Boston, MA 2) I don’t belong to a golf club, so I don’t have access to indoor practice area for putting. During mild winters if there is no snow on the ground I can usually get out in late Feb/early Mar for a little putting at a public green. 3) I own a cheap 9’ putting mat that rolls up for storage. But it’s so thin and cheap that it’s almost impossible to keep it flat and it’s cheap felt fabric picks up a ton of debris. Almost so bad I don’t use it at all. 4) I would be interested in the medium or fast speed. I have two close friends that belong to private courses so I play half my rounds on well maintained quick greens and the other half roaming around New England on public/private courses.
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