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  1. Zach Houston, Texas I grew up on hole 15 in a small golf community in northeast Houston. I've been playing golf since I could swing a club and I'm still a 6 HC at 28 years old. Have thought about giving it up many times, but that birdie on 18 last round has me thinking I may have something figured out. I practice putting about 3-5 hours a week and still manage 30+ putts a round. Golf is hard. I own the full putt out set up. The mat is garbage in my opinion. After a dozen or two putts, the ball wears a track in the carpet. How am I supposed to know if I am wiping putts (a la Riggs) if the ball is following a track it has worn in the mat? I also own the generic, 3 hole, hourglass shaped amazon special, but I believe that mat does more harm than good to my alignment. The hourglass shape doesn't seem to fit my eye. I believe I could provide valuable feedback to MGS on the birdie ball mat in a way that minimizes work required on your end to relay my feedback to the average MGS reader. I mean, who really wants to read a review that is a paragraph long run-on sentence? I'd love to test the medium speed mat for you guys, and admittedly, myself. I've been a devout follower, and take your equipment recommendations as liturgy, for better or worse. Also, stand with you guys against the legion of influencers pushing garbage products (*cough* AMP CADDY *cough*) while accusing you guys of pay to play. It's as clear as day you are speaking truth when reviews get the reaction that the Amp Caddy review conjured. Thanks for the consideration!
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