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  1. The shotscope v3 is small and does not get in the way. It also has gps features on the watch which arccos would have to use the phone. I like it doesn't require a subscription either unlike some other brands. They have been really good at updating the app and have seen a lot of advancements in last year. It's been very accurate and only requires mild edits (less than 5 min usually) at the end of the round (only issues I notice are having to modify distances on green). Highly would recommend the v3.
  2. Great post. Muirfield's conditions are impeccable. I've been their 3 times and always amazed at just how beautiful it is. Joking here, but they probably can put some rubber steps or mats after the par3 4th hole leading up to the concession stand. Anytime it rains so many ppl slip on that slope (usually spilling like 3-4 beers along the way ha)
  3. I get some ppl don't like wearing watches (like shotscope). But I'll give my experience bc I've been very pleased with the shotscope v3 and it was my favorite golf purchase in the last few years. Best thing off the bat is price vs arccos, much rather pay onetime 240 versus a yearly subscription. Its small and I don't notice it while swinging. I barely interact with it during the round as it's just pick the club and swing (no remembering tap function). It's been accurate, you will usually have to make some minor edits to your round after but never takes me more than 5 min (plus I honestly like to review my round). However biggest compliment I will give is to the shotscope support. They honestly take feedback from users and introduce them into the app. I have submitted two suggestions and within a few weeks the additions were added (simple stuff like describing their statistics better). Anyone who has used shotscope over the last year can see how much the app has improved.
  4. I got fitted this month and hit both the zx7 and the Honda tr20v. There are so many good irons out there right now (I tested probably 6-8 brands). I went with the zx7 as ended up having the most consistent numbers with it (that was my main priority). Feel wise and looks both are great, main difference I noticed was mishits for me the Honma was less forgiving. Recommend going to a fitter, everyone is different and you'll be surprised at what you like. My second fav iron was actually the taylormade tp770 (which I'm usually not a TaylorMade fan).
  5. I really like the idea of combo sets but was surprised when I decided against it when i recently got fitted at a club champion for some Srixon zx7. I hit the zx5 and the numbers were all worse for my swing than the zx7. Also feel/sound of zx5 was not to my liking. So though I think combos will help some ppl, would get fitted to see if u really need it. (Handicap 4)
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