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  1. @yungkoryI may have been given bad info as I'm here now and the course is not open. But don't you need to be a guest at the Four Seasons or of a local property owner there to get access to even pay to play the course? If you know of a way to get on i'd definitely like to know. Thanks
  2. Signup and get codes emailed to you that give you an extra 15-20% off those prices as well. Enjoy.
  3. Get a teeoff deal and play Mauna Kea and Hapuna way cheaper than the $500 package you were offered. Makani formerly known as Big Island Country Club is not bad but honestly probably shouldn't be top of your list for courses to play if you don't make it out to big island often. Mauna Lani will open soon and those two courses are going to be a bit pricey potentially but worth it. Kona Country Club isn't bad but can get hot. I'll assume you don't have access to the private clubs or Four Seasons hook up as those should all be top of your list if you have access. But for clubs that you will most likely have access to when here the general consensus rankings (I have played most of these but not the ones closed during covid) are probably close to the following: 1. Mauna Kea (tbh doesn't wow you the way I was expecting but everyone rates it very high and haven't played the Mauna Lani courses yet) 2. Mauna Lani North 3. Mauna Lani South 4. Waikoloa Kings Course 5. Waikoloa Beach Course 6. Hapuna Golf Course 7. Makani Golf Club 8. Kona Country Club 9. Waikoloa Village Golf 10. Makalei Golf Club (This is one of my favorite dog tracks, could be a gem if it was well kept, terrible conditions usually, bring lots of balls if you play it it's in a jungle)
  4. no particular order: Mauna Kea Torrey Pines North Rustic Canyon The Virtues Fowler's Mill Par 3 Favorite - The Links at Terranea
  5. Interested in joining a somewhat affordable golf club in the region mentioned in the title. Looking for a course with good pace of play, that would not get too boring and has decent practice facilities. Suggestions appreciated
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