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  1. Andrew, St. Louis Iphone XS Primarily Outdoors I will be doing both with a net and without
  2. The big question is what is driving the big price drop? Is there a 2021 version on the horizon that offers more data like spin? Anyone heard anything?
  3. Andrew, St.Louis MO I practice putting often all year long, use a putting mat, or put on the low pile carpet in the basement. When putting on carpet it is just a focus on path, so pick out targets like a table leg and try to hit it. I use an Eyeline mirror to focus on setup. Past experience with mats goes back about 10 years. Had the Skilz Accelerator Pro for a long time I was actually convinced I wore a groove in it and thought it was impossible to miss so I stopped using it. Wife bought me a Perfect Practice 9’ May for Father’s Day this year. Have used it a ton. Disappointed i
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