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  1. Is it still possible to get fitted for last year’s models with the shaft choices offered? If so does anyone know how long that is supported with the new models on their way? Thanks!
  2. Andrew, St. Louis Iphone XS Primarily Outdoors I will be doing both with a net and without
  3. The big question is what is driving the big price drop? Is there a 2021 version on the horizon that offers more data like spin? Anyone heard anything?
  4. Andrew, St.Louis MO I practice putting often all year long, use a putting mat, or put on the low pile carpet in the basement. When putting on carpet it is just a focus on path, so pick out targets like a table leg and try to hit it. I use an Eyeline mirror to focus on setup. Past experience with mats goes back about 10 years. Had the Skilz Accelerator Pro for a long time I was actually convinced I wore a groove in it and thought it was impossible to miss so I stopped using it. Wife bought me a Perfect Practice 9’ May for Father’s Day this year. Have used it a ton. Disappointed it doesn’t sit very flat at the ramp. Added a PuttOut pressure trainer to work on speed due to the whole ramp issue of the mat. For a Birdieball mat the best speed for me would be medium.
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