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  1. Matt, Illinois - first time poster and brand new to MyGolfSpy I played college golf back in the day but due to family, work, etc. I have taken almost a decade off. Committed to getting back to scratch or better by next year so have been working on putting at home and the course. Over the winter I'll be fiddling with all the practice aids I've bought recently (which didn't exist the last time I really competed). My wife has taken up golf in the last 3 months so I've convinced her to take up part of our living room to set up a 12 foot dream green in our living room (which when not being used has turned into a play area for our kids). I've had it since high school and it has 6 variable break positions with 4 settings each. I'd be interested in testing the PuttUp as I think it'd be great to also be able to work on lag putts during the winter here when we will be covered in snow. Medium or Fast would probably be the best for what I'm hoping to achieve in the next year.
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