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  1. Guys, it is a real relief to hear that. I was doubting my ability a bit or thought my settings are all wrong. But hearing how many of you are struggling with the 3 wood is encouraging. Also in regards to the driver, it is a very good point that you can always adjust the setting and "grow" with the driver. I always thought to go secondhand and buy an old driver just to learn the swing and get used to it. However, listening to you guys a driver fitting might make sense even at my level.
  2. I did a 5 day camp here in Germany last summer and would agree very much with @CarlH and @RickyBobby_PR. Things I would consider before going: 1) Student/Teach ratio as this of course determines how much time you get with the pro 2) Agenda and general layout of the camp 3) Personal goal for the camp My goal was to just get in a different environment and purely focus on golf for one week. We usually did range sessions in the morning focussing on different aspects of the game. This was followed by an on-course round again with different focus areas. The week started and end
  3. Hi all, thanks a lot that does sound very logical to me. My swing speed is slow at the moment, probably even slower on course as I try to be more accurate, so what @RickyBobby_PR and @pouetvl saying makes very much sense to me. I probably need a session with a launch monitor. I feel like a lot of gapping and distances are off in my bag which is probably normal as you build up your golf bag while you are improving. So what would be your opinion in regards to a driver? I usually try to be comfortable with next lower number. I bought the 5 wood after being comfortable with the 5 iron
  4. Hi all, I'm looking for some advice here. I have been playing with my Callaway Epic Flash 5 Wood and am really happy with it. It has an Project X Even Flow Green 5.5 or 5.0 Regular Flex shaft and the club has 18 degrees of loft and is set to standard. I'm still a beginner so I only hit it around 180-185 yards but I hit it fairly save and am happy with the distance for now while I work on my swing and overall speed. As I like the club I bought the same just as a 3 wood, thinking it would go bit further. I bought it used so it came with a different shaft. This one has a Te
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