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  1. I'm planning a family trip to Ireland and Scotland next summer (fingers crossed). There are a few of us who would like to get some golfing in. I know we're not going to play the Old Course or Carnoustie, but I'd like to find realistic options where we can play a good course or two and not use the entire trip budget on green fees. We'll be starting in Edinburgh, going through and making our way as far south as Cork once we get to Ireland, so geography is not an obstacle. Anyone who has made the trip and can share recommendations would be a huge help.
  2. Chris Petoskey, MI I currently play mostly Pro V1 and Pro V1X. My past experience with Top Flite golf balls is pretty extensive. I would play whatever I could find and afford, and most of the time that was Top Flite XL 2000. Compared to the balls I play now, I remember them being very firm with very little loft or spin. I would be very interested to see if these live up to the hype.
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