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  1. Jeff - Alberta Canada +2.8 SM8 Favor raw wedges because chrome finish wedges show signs of wear on the face from practice. Find the wear patterns distracting
  2. New to this. From central Alberta so we get 6 months of play. Enjoy playing in the Rockies. 47 years old, former college player and club professional but I’m still an active PGA member. Full time firefighter and family man. Don’t really talk much about the gear I play because I don’t think what I Iike to use should have an effect on others. Go to a fitter that is un basis. Tell him what you like to look down at, and tell him how the clubs sound and feel. The let him find what’s right for you. Something good must come from this Covid, and maybe it could mean more players took up golf i
  3. Would you consider bending the all of your wedges 1 degree strong first? 5 degrees between each? I’m sure there are clubs with trail wedges you could try first. Best of luck.
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