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  1. I'd like to a split set with these. 223 in 4-7, 8-pw in the 221. I wonder what the feel is going to be like.
  2. When I switched over to the automatic I liked that better myself. I played a round with the front 9 being Manual putt mode and the back 9 being automatic. There is definitely a ease of use between the two.
  3. Update - 10-13-2021 I received an email from Gavin at Shot Scope saying I would receive some additional accessories (charger, putter tags and a new watchband). After receiving the additional accessories from Shot Scope like he said he would send out, it was discovered by all of us testers, that we received the wrong watch band. we all received bands for the G3. After letting the other fellas know of this, I decided to email Gavin and let him know of the mistake. I figured they went above and beyond reaching out to us, it would be prudent to let them know of their mistake as they'd probably like to know. I have a very strong feeling that they pride themselves on their product and would like to know when things go wrong. I received a new email the following day to say they have sent out the correct band for the V3. That's class and A1 Service! Thank you Gavin and Shot Scope!!
  4. From Shot Scope The other thing to note, is PinCollect should reflect the number of shots on that hole with the Putter, so that could be one from off the green and a six footer knocked into the hole, that would represent a 2 press on PinCollect. The system will then have the first ‘putt’ placed off the green and will count in short game stats.
  5. I was doing the same thing before I hit my shots. It was never wrong, but My brain still said to check.
  6. My season has been the best ever. I was chosen to be a tester for the first time ever. Currently Testing the Shot Scope V3 Dropped my handicap 2 points from an 12 to 9.8 Had my first ever golf lesson that has changed my golf game forever Broke 75 & 80 for the first time ever Created my own YouTube Channel........its a big learning curve Played the most courses I ever have Played over 50 rounds this year Only have a few weeks left but it has been a heck of a ride. Can't wait till next year.
  7. Congrats to the testers. Be curious how you all do with Arccos
  8. I have to say I'm surprised by Hideki's putting. Putting at Augusta is not the easiest, maybe not the hardest. I wonder if it was just a fluke he did putt half decent and the rest of his game saved him. On the flipside, I'm surprised by Brooks Around the Green number being that low. I always thought he was half decent greenside. To be fair, I've never really looked into this stuff in the way you have MPR. I'll definitely be paying a little more attention. Even my own game to see where I can improve.
  9. We may be expecting a lot from you TIK. You're a vet!!
  10. I'm curious to know if you have had gains in your game using? If so, what would you say is the most important part of your game the Arccos system helped you get better at? Is it easy to use?
  11. Hello Harry, When you practice, is there a particular set of things you work on? How do you go about your practice? is there a particular sequence that is standard or do you change it up to prevent things from getting boring? Do you do the towel drill under the arm? If so, what do you get out of it? Cheers, Jeremy
  12. I have some more testing of my own to do and I was really surprised by the Srixon Z-star and XV. Give them a whirl. you may be surprised
  13. This would the best addition to my golf game. Heavy snow for 5 months of the year in the North would let me to play holes from around the world!!! Using my imagination of course. And videos throughout the winter as well!!!
  14. Congrats testers. I'd be interested to see how this goes. I'm really beginning to hate my putter so this should be a good read for me!!!!
  15. I can only hope to get chosen. This would be super amazing opportunity for me as I'm currently to replace my Ping putter.
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