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  1. Ron Jonesboro, AR TaylorMade SIM Max 9 degrees; Ventus regular shaft Handicap 15 Swing Speed 85 - 90 Which Driver Would You Like to Review - TSi2
  2. Thanks for the tip. I am sure the swingweight is too light, no question. As I said, when I checked (by an online calculator) the swingweight of my other clubs - they check out to what the reported specs were. May take them to Club Champion and see what they can do.
  3. @gbtrsc - the shaft says "CK SERIES AMC IR FLEX R. I'm going to put some lead tape on the head of one of my irons to see what swingweight feels best, then try to match that by getting lighter grips, if I can. Thanks for any follow-up.
  4. I can note, based on what I have seen published, that swing weights for a given club in graphite is usually one point less than that club would have with a steel shaft. But I just now saw Srixon Z585 irons are listed as D2/steel and C9 graphite! I believe putting in larger (midsize) grips in my AP-3's lowered the swingweight even further to C8 from D2. Yes it does seem excessive. I know my measurements may not be precise, but I did come up with the same swingweights as published specs for my Cleveland RTX-4 54 deg and 58 deg wedges - calculated out to D5 and this is what they publish as standard. I'll check my old Srixon irons to see if they check out the same as spec. They DO feel like a heavier sw. (Addendum - checked Srixon i302 two separate irons calculated at D1; can't find specs for them) So it looks like my options are going to much lighter grips and/or adding weight to the tip of the shaft. I don't want to use lead tape. GolfPride Tour Velvet 360 Midsize are indeed 57.5 grams @gbtrsc. Thank you for pointing that out. So if I want a 3-4 swingweight increase, then I need grips that are 15 - 20 grams or so lighter, maybe a bit lighter yet if I want two wraps. Is it correct that each extra grip wrap adds about two grams? As I said, I want to use standard size grips with two extra wraps - downsize a bit.
  5. Hello forum members. I wonder if you can help me with an iron issue. I got a new set of AP-3 irons two years ago and (believe it or not) just realized the swingweight feels way too light - no head feel compared to a couple of friends' irons - Mizuno EZ/graphite and Srixon 565/steel. I know it's not precise, but using an online tool and carefully weighing and measuring my irons I came up with a consistent swingweight of C8 for them; the Titleist website indicates they should be D2 (not specified iron or graphite). My shafts are Mitsubishi Tensei CK red. I know some other iron manufacturers state a one-number lower swingweight for graphite versus iron shafts in their clubs. My question is what should I do in terms of changing the grips (currently GolfPride Tour Velvet 360 Midsize, 53.5 grams) to get my irons to a swingweight of D1 at least? One option I have read is change to lighter grips - have heard that each 4-5 gm lighter grip changes the swingweight one point. I plan to change to standard size grips with one or two wraps of tape. Your suggestions are appreciated.
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