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  1. chase matawan, NJ kirkland performance + when I started golfing my dad gave me a bucket of top flite balls. after I started getting better I started getting different balls to understand the difference. it was clear to me that the top flite balls were hard as a rock. as someone who prefers a softer golf ball I tend to stay away from top flite now, but I heard this ball is completely different from old top flite and i’m very interested to try.
  2. Chase, old bridge new jersey i have a large carpet in my garage this is good for practicing deep putts, i also have a birdie town speed control mat which is good for dialing in speed but doesn’t have any holes on it the only putting mat i’ve owned is the birdietown speed matt which has helped my game. i’ve also used a friends putting mat a bunch of times when i’m at his house slow speed would probably be ideal but a medium wouldn’t be bad either thank you !!
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