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  1. John/Newport News Right handed 18* - Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff, primary wood – 14* - MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 gram Stiff, secondary 19 handicap currently play long iron or a 3 or 5 wood
  2. I've read and heard about that also....literally different strokes for different folks! I guess the thing is just being aware and consistent with your practice.
  3. The ball is harder...well doesn't compress as well in cool temps. Even Phil uses a Callaway Supersoft on colder days.
  4. I've been golfing for about 15 years, though very few rounds the last 7 years....now that I'm not active duty I'm golfing more often though! Current handicap is 19. The thing that brings me back to golf round after round is the fun I have challenging myself to beat the course. The thing that made me sign up to MyGolfSpy was seeing that their HQ is in my neighborhood, figured I had to be a member of something local and so quality focused. I've been referencing their reviews for a while though. I reside in VA, home course is Deer Run. The best thing about golf in my region is that you can golf most of the year, which is great because my least favorite part is the crazy heat in the summer here....glad I get those early spring/ late fall rounds to enjoy. I'm in the IT field My username is one I won't forget!
  5. Just started putting with a very slightly open stance. I have been noticing lately that I was doing it naturally, so finally I've stopped fighting it. I've been noticeably more accurate, and pace hasn't been affected at all. Anyone else try using an open putting stance? What's your success, or lack thereof?
  6. I think I'll be skipping the Arcos grips. I don't really want to pay for a subscription renewal and then be stuck with them. Very excited to see the driver improvements.
  7. The fairway wood picks look clean and awesome, same looks as the driver.... It looks like it has a fixed weight in the back/bottom portion, and has some new tech like "Face Wrap"...not sure what it does though. I haven't seen a view from address, but I'm sure they are very similar to the G410 woods.
  8. The G400 has been a game changing driver for me and I can't wait to try the G425. I haven't tried the G410 at all, but I'm getting new irons this spring and might as well take a look at the lineup. I've always seemed to golf better with Pings.
  9. First Name: John City, State: Newport News, VA Current Driver in Play: Ping G400 LST Handicap: 18 Swing Speed: 105 Which Driver Would You Like to Review: TS2
  10. John Newport News, VA The Virginia winters are mild so the course practice green is usually in good shape. My experience with indoor mats are poor. They are wrinkly and fray on the edges. After visiting the site I would be excited to try the fast speed, as it probably matches how the courses here in the Hot Virginia summers are.
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