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  1. Just have to thank @Golf2Much and @Tom the Golf Nut for keeping me in mind as a sub, it was a great experience, and I hope to play again full time next go round. @GolfSpy_APH well played, brogey! Next time we'll have to play a 19th because ties are for creepy cousins no one likes.
  2. This time I played from the Whites/Middle tee's, the tournament I played here back in May was from the yellow/forward tees. I've played here three times, but I've played the Red course too many times to count, mainly for tournaments. Would highly recommend it if you get even the slightest chance. And don't pass up the chance to play the Red course while you're here. It's just as much of a challenge, and equally worth it.
  3. @GolfSpy_APH nope, we'll be A-OK with your math lolololol. I'm not sure how any of this is being scored and haven't had a clue since I got in on this. I've been playing like two different people. A) Help the team and do your part. B) Where's the 1st, what's the record, hold my beer. That said, no matter how this all goes, well played brogey. Jokes aside, I'm thankful to @Tom the Golf Nut, @Golfspy_CG2, and @Golf2Much for inviting me to fill in and be a part of this. It's been a lot of fun and I appreciate you guys keeping me in mind.
  4. Very brisk, and windy most of the round, but thankfully (mercifully?) it was at my back on more holes than not. Still, I cant be anything other than happy with today. Slight improvement over the tournament round I played here in May.
  5. Date 09/28/2023 Course Name Bethpage Black Gross Score 84 Course Handicap 18 Gross Strokes over/under par 13 Net Score to Par -5 Net Score 66 Net Birdies or better 7 Longest Drive 314 VCT Match Play Designate Week 4 Match Play Round Buddy at 5 a.m.- Hey, can you bail out of the office to play the Black this morning? Me- Like what time "this morning"? Buddy- We go off at 9-ish.... Me- Well, you aint gotta slap me in the face with a wet mop. Hell yeah I'm in!
  6. I tried to laugh at this, but only tears came. Hits so close to home.....
  7. Matched my career low at Colts Neck GC yesterday. Sorry for the delayed update. Got very busy before I even got back to the cart return.
  8. Date 09/22/2023 Course Name Colts Neck GC Gross Score 78 Course Handicap 11 Gross Strokes over/under par 6 Net Score to Par -5 Net Score 67 Net Birdies or better 11 Longest Drive 318 VCT Match Play Designate as Week 3 Match Score Said eff work and took a much needed comp day to take advantage of the last day of good weather before every bad thing in the Bible hit the tri-state. Matched my career low!
  9. It's been a great season in terms of company, courses played, and enjoyment with Bethpage Black being the obvious capstone. I didn't get to play half the events I was actually entered in. Apparently, life hasn't got the notice that this takes precedence.
  10. Welcome, bud. You're gonna love it here, they have t-shirts... Jokes aside, skill level is completely irrelevant to the great times with great people I've experienced so far. At first, all I wanted to do was win. Now, it's so much more than petty things like that, unless you're one of those Space Force guys. Then forget this entire comment.
  11. Look, I'm just filling in, don't lump me in with all of this inter-team tomfoolery. But no, no one's ever described me that way either.....
  12. Date 09/17/2023 Course Name Tamarack GC, East Course Gross Score 79 Course Handicap 10 Gross Strokes over/under par 8 Net Score to Par -2 Net Score 69 Net Birdies or better 5 Longest Drive 309 VCT Match Play Designate as Week 2 Match Score Brilliant weather, but the course is completely trashed. A lot of upset people around the course as it was completely rebuilt/redesigned and opened in March of this year. I got tired at the turn and apparently forgot how to hit a golf club, but finished somewhat strong.
  13. Date 09/11/2023 Course Name Meadows at Middlesex Golf Course Gross Score 82 Course Handicap 12 Gross Strokes over/under par 12 Net Score to Par 0 Net Score 70 Net Birdies or better 4 Longest Drive 304 VCT Match Play Not the number I wanted to post for my first VCT score, but happy to be doing this with y'all. It was a driving wind the entire day with a 100% chance of rain at some point during the round. We debated on canceling the round, but this was round 3 of our Club Cup Championship, and since the course didn't close despite the weather, it was game on. All 5 groups got through the front 9 nice and dry, but I couldn't take advantage of it despite hitting 4 FIR and bagging a COTP. Then the heavens opened up and straight punished all of us for our stupidity. My back 9 (and my back) didn't fare much better than the front save for a brilliantly played par 5. I had passed the point of caring 3 holes prior and just wanted to get off the course to something close to dry and warm. Needless to say, my swing was....well....carefree. Best drive of the day, but the things that made me most happy was the bunker shot that stopped 2 inches from the cup for a tap in birdie. That at least made the drive home less of an angry one....if only just slightly.
  14. This may come as a shock, but it's not the first time someone's asked me that exact question. My 9i is still at the factory 38.5*, so if you look at it (and my gapping via Arccos), it makes perfect sense in the grand scheme of things. The yardages between the five clubs is roughly a 12-15 yard gap, which is right where I need to be. PW- 140 AW- 130 50- 115 54- 100 58- 80 (I never use it on a full swing, barely a 3/4)
  15. After about 2 seasons of inner fighting, I finally pulled the trigger and made a major change in my bag for 2023. I dropped my 3w/5w and added the Cally Apex UW and decided to add an extra wedge. Apex 21 PW (43 adjusted to 42) Apex 21 AW (48 adjusted to 46) SM9 50.08F SM9 54.12D SM9 58.10S It really paid off for my game and goals for 2023. I lowered my index 4 points from 15 to 11, and gained 6 strokes on my 120 and in game. The UW addition has been one of the best moves I have made equipment wise.
  16. Sweet, another chance for my team name idea of "Better late than pregnant" to be chosen.
  17. I agree with you 100%. I bought the Gen 1 Link roughly 2 years ago and LOVED it after carrying my phone in my pocket for the 1st 6 months of my plan. I didn't have a single issue with it until this summer when they determined my Gen 1 was dying. The problems have continued with the new Gen 2, and a new phone. Wish it wasn't this way, but it is.
  18. And I respect this guy for being consistent, if nothing else.
  19. See, and that's exactly what I thought too with the phones Bluetooth. I did some experimenting on the fly and it played out like this. I seriously needed to upgrade my old Galaxy Android phone, so I did. I got the latest and greatest S23 the day AFTER I ordered the Gen 2 Link and had the phone 3 days before the Gen 2 arrived. Hoping my problems were solved I hit the course the day after I got the Gen2. Nope, same issues. As a matter of fact, the link disconnected right after my approach shot on #1. I thought maybe it was an Android issue, or the Link not liking Android's type problem. So, me being me, I downloaded the Arccos app on my work iPhone 13 Pro. Nope there as well. I was honestly relieved that it did the same thing with both phones, if I'm honest.
  20. Started using Arccos in year 2 of my golf journey (during Covid), and for the most part I've really enjoy/benefitted from what it does for my game. With the expansion of the company, however, it seems like more and more issues crop every round. I don't have any patience whatsoever, less so when I'm paying for it. Enter the common Angel/Devil on my shoulders debate. I want to ditch Arccos for the following reasons- A) The Link (Gen 2 purchased in July, and the Gen 1 before that) continuously disconnects from my phone during a round regardless of course. Even after troubleshooting the Gen 1, replacing it with a new Gen 2, AND T/S'ing the Gen 2 it's still doing this while support emails are answered with solutions on "missing shots". B) The ever increasing annual subscription. C) The app does crash here and there. D) Is that "BETA" version on the desktop site ever going to get integrated? E) There are other, cheaper, more efficient options on the market now. I want to keep Arccos because- A) For what it is, it delivers on how it improves my game, and give me practice areas to focus on. B) Being able to know and track ACTUAL club distances, FIR%, GIR%, and other important metrics instead of relying on my inflated dream world numbers. C) The course preview option is one of the most important tools I have at my disposal. I'm waiting to hear back from Tech Support about Link connection issues round #3, and I think the outcome will determine my next move, but for me personally, it's been a mostly love relationship with the hate side creeping up only recently. Hopefully this can be fixed, but that's my Arccos story.
  21. If we're counting the PW, I'm carrying 5. Set matching PW and AW, then down to 50/54/58 (all bent 1* weak). Ditching the 3w/5w and adding the AW was the best move I've ever made with regards to equipment, and my index has shown it over the last 2 years.
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