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  1. Could you send pics of the Ketsch?
  2. Sorry, I just saw these replies. Thought I was getting alerts when messages arrived. I'll do a little research this evening... thank you.
  3. I’ve been using the same Ping putter for longer than I can remember. At least 10 years. Would like to try something new like an Evnroll or even a newer Ping. If anyone has a blade style putter kicking around that you want to sell I’m all ears.
  4. Hi Dlow- do you still have the putter? I looked at the post a few days ago and it keeps drawing me back. Do you have the Evnroll grip? Thanks- Will PS. I am a lurker on this site, not a big participant but bought a set of irons for my nephew on here last year.
  5. Will Annapolis, MD TaylorMade Sim Max 11 110 TSi3
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